Welcome to the CANTASO Family

My name is Herb Santiago and I want to share who I am.

I started my career working as a Radiography Technician. One of my first jobs was to provide mobile service of Tomography (CT Scan) to Hispanic Communities in the 5 counties.

In 1990 my partner, Rafael Colón and I, opened a Medical Center in Brooklyn to assist "our" people with all kinds of Doctors and Therapies.

In the following years be part of several programs and projects:

Rafael and I formed a Radio Station with a contemporary Latin format.

I was a member of the Parent Association for San Nicholas School in Brooklyn.

In 2004 I was a candidate for the State Assembly of District 54 of Brooklyn.

Be part of several programs. dedicated to establish scholarships for students and free flu shots for undocumented people.

Rafael and I have sponsored several Soccer and Softball teams of the Hispanic community.

With care, Rafael and I started a marketing program for lawyers who work in small and less lucrative cases, and that's how 1 800 CANTASO was born.

The CANTASO Family serves the Hispanic community in the 5 counties, Long Island and New Jersey, generating tens of millions in their cases.



Hello,  I am Rafael Colon and I want to meet you!

I grew up in New York and I studied at the University of the City of New York where I met Heriberto Santiago. One of my first jobs was Supervisor of Radiology exams in a Hospital, specifically quality control of the exams. I assured that all work was done correctly. That meticulousness is what I bring to the Cantaso program.

In 1993, when we realized that the Hispanic community was not being represented in the area of ​​personal injuries, Heriberto and I decided to found 1 800 CANTASO.

CANTASO wants to give the best service and legal representation to our Hispanic community. We have helped thousands of Latinos in New York and New Jersey with their cases, getting the most out of their cases.

Our program, 1 800 CANTASO is proud to be the second most recognized in the Hispanic market. The experience and skill will lead us to be the first!

Welcome to my family ... welcome to CANTASO.