The secret to getting the maximum monetary compensation for your accident case is:

1. Getting a good Heathcare provider that understands car accident cases and disability assessment. So that your accident case is well documented for presentation to the insurance company. 


2. A lawyer that doesn't sell out.

This is an advisory to

Car Accident Victims 

​Beware of scammers called "runners"

After a Car Accident, you may receive a call

from an unknown person claiming to be from the Hospital, Doctor's office or a lawyer.

These scammers are called runners and they are

violating the law. They may offer you cash

 to sign up with a lawyer or a doctor.

This is illegal and done to fraudulently bill

the medical insurance companies.

These people are Criminals!

Signing with them will not only hurt your personal injury case, but you may get into a legal problem.

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El secreto de recivir la compensacion monetaria maxima para su caso de accidente es:

1. Obtener un Doctor o Clinica especializado en golpes de accidentes de automoviles y que documente todos sus lesiones  en un reporte final para presentar como prueba a la compania de seguro.


2. Un Abogado que no se venda.

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