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Pedestrians Struck:

  1. In the crosswalk

  2. By a turning vehicle in

     any direction or U turning

     or exiting a parking space

     or drive-way

  3. Vehicle failing to yield to

     a stop sign or red light or

     in the middle of the street

  4. Vehicle failing to yield

     even in the middle of the


  5. Vehicle backing up

     Pedestrians are never at

     fault vehicles are always

     required to yield ​

Cyclists on bicycles,

 mopeds, scooters struck:

 1. In a crosswalk 

 2. By a vehicle turning right,   

     left, u trun

 3. Passing a stop sign, red

     light or failure to yield

 4. Vehicle failing to share

     the lane or violating

     the bike lane

 5. Vehicle opening a door

      onto oncoming bicycle

    All vehicles are required

    to share and yield the

    roads and lanes to cyclists​​

The secret to getting the maximum monetary compensation for your accident case is:

1. Getting a good Heathcare provider that understands car accident cases and disability assessment. So that your accident case is well documented for presentation to the insurance company. 


2. A lawyer that doesn't sell out.

The most important factor to determine the value of any personal injury case are the damages or the severity of the Injury

 sustained in the accident such as:


Head, neck or back pain, injury to the knee, hip or pain radiating down the arm or leg, Hospital stay, Emergency Room visit or a

Fractured Bone or Required Surgery

​Injuries must be documented by the narrative reports of the treating injury or disability assessment  healthcare specialist dedicated to automobile accidents.

The greater the injury, the greater monetary compensation for damages the attorney can demand from the insurance company.

Automobiles must have $25,000 / $50,000, and some have $100,000/ $300,000 for persoanal injury claims in automobile accidents

There is also $50,000 for  medical expenses and compensation for lost wages and other necessary expenses as a result of the accident. An application must be submitted within 30 days of the accident date to be eligible. 

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We will definitely be able to help you

if any of the above circumstances apply and

If you are suffering any of the following

Pain or injury to: 

Head, Neck, Back, Arm, Knee, Hip,

a Fractured Bone or any type of Injury

Drivers Struck:

Caused by another car​:

  1. Rear-ended

  2. By left or U turning

     vehicle, or a vehicle

     exiting a drive-way

  3. By a vehicle failing to

     obey a stop sign or red


   All drivers can make a

   claim for No-Fault benefit

   up to $50,000 for medical

   benefits and lost wages

   due to the accident



Caused by the car you're in or

caused by another car:​

 1. Rear-ended while

     stopped or moving

 2. Struck by turning left,

     right or U turn. Vehicle

     exiting a parking or drive


 3. By a vehicle failing to

     obey a stop sign or red


 Passengers always have a

  case unless legally married

  to the driver that is at fault


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El secreto de recivir la compensacion monetaria maxima para su caso de accidente es:

1. Obtener un Doctor o Clinica especializado en golpes de accidentes de automoviles y que documente todos sus lesiones  en un reporte final para presentar como prueba a la compania de seguro.


2. Un Abogado que no se venda.