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All automobiles must carry personal injury insurance of $25,000 / $50,000 and some vehicles $100,000 / $300,000 for persons injured in a car accident and $50,000 for medical expenses such as E.R. visits, Therapy, Radiology and Surgery needed due to your car accident.


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Herb Santiago and 

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1800 CANTASO Program in 1993.

Realizing that many communities in New York City were severely under represented in the area of Personal Injury, CANTASO was created and now serves thousands of people in New York and New Jersey.

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The secret to getting the maximum monetary compensation for your accident case is:

1. Getting a good Heathcare provider that understands car accident cases and disability assessment. So that your accident case is well documented for presentation to the insurance company. 


2. A lawyer that doesn't sell out.

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El secreto de recivir la compensacion monetaria maxima para su caso de accidente es:

1. Obtener un Doctor o Clinica especializado en golpes de accidentes de automoviles y que documente todos sus lesiones  en un reporte final para presentar como prueba a la compania de seguro.


2. Un Abogado que no se venda.

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